The Instant Healings© are quantum energetic healings that you can receive instantly at home from the moment you order them.


When you sign up, you are automatically connected at the Instant Healing of your choice and all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable and have the clear intention to receive it so that it activates and brings you all its benefits. It's that simple!


When you register for an instant healing, you download a pdf document where everything will be explained to you in detail, so that you can receive this treatment in the best possible conditions. You will then have 24 hours to do this energetic healing at home.


For those of you who are already used to doing my Monthly Group Healings, Instant Healing© has exactly the same way of working and receiving.





The Instant Healings© are quantum healings of unconditional Love energies associated with Divine prayers. They are designed and structured so that you receive them individually and uniquely, in complete energetic safety and protection.


An Instant Healing© is like an individual energy healing, with the advantage of being able to receive it whenever you want, without the need to make an appointment in advance and while staying comfortably at home.










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As Instant Healings© are available immediately and without limits, it is highly recommended to be wise and moderate and not to practice more than one energy treatment per week. After any energy treatment, the body needs time to integrate, assimilate and rest. Receiving too many energy treatments can be counterproductive. As with everything, it is important to keep a sense of harmony and balance.