Before doing an Instant Healing© to cut toxic ties in any relationship, it is important to know that this process does not cut the ties of love, nor of friendship if they are healthy. Through this treatment only the so-called "toxic" ties of a relationship will be cut and released. When we cut these toxic links with a person, we do not intervene energetically on this person, we do not "work at a distance" on him/her in any way. We are just cutting, cleaning and releasing the toxic ties that have been created in that relationship.


Cutting the so-called "toxic" ties allows us to break and release the "unhealthy and unbalanced" attachments of a relationship that may have crystallised either from the beginning of this relationship or over time, during conflicts, lies, misunderstandings, dependencies, separations, betrayals, aggressions, violence, competitions, jealousy, passionate relations, sexual acts, etc. By doing this act of cleansing, purification and energetic release, we can then "come back to ourselves", re-connect to our own energy and regain our personal power and alignment. It is a simple and effective way for you to restart energetically.


Be aware that after cutting toxic ties with a person, several situations may arise in the days following the treatment, depending on the relationship you had with that person:


- The person with whom you have cut the toxic ties may return to amplify toxic behavior toward you. This is part of the clearing and will definitely stop in a few days, don't worry.

- The person you cut the toxic ties with "naturally" distances himself or herself, or doesn't give any more news, he or she "fades away" from your life, and you feel relieved/liberated.

- You are no longer attracted to the person with whom you have cut the toxic ties, and move on with determination.

- You no longer feel domination, vampirism, sadness, anxiety, irritation or humiliation from the person with whom you have cut the toxic ties. This person no longer "affects" you energetically. You are liberated and have regained your personal power.

- For some ties, with very close people or family, an important dispute may arise. This argument will clarify the links and the relationship will then start again on healthy bases and "new" purified emotional links.

- The behavior of the person with whom you have cut toxic ties changes in a "miraculous" way, because the toxic tension between the two of you has disappeared. So your relationship can continue and evolve on a healthy and renewed basis.


Gentle reminder that when you cut toxic ties you are not doing it against someone, but for yourself. It is an act of  self love. In order to get rid of some of the heavy holds and to move forward freely and serenely on your own healthy and harmonious journey.




This energetic treatment is designed so that you are placed in an individual and unique bubble of Love, Light and Divine Energy, in order to receive the treatment in "All Safety" without being "distracted or destabilized" by other surrounding energies.


  • Energetic clearing of the physical body.
  • Deep clearing of the energetic bodies. 
  • Release of energetic parasites.
  • Release of dark energies.
  • Cutting of toxic ties.
  • Release of tensions and heavy, dense and stagnant energies.
  • Reactivation and reinforcement of (general) confidence and inner peace.
  • Reactivation and reinforcement of innate letting go.
  • Reactivation and strengthening of personal inner power.
  • Rebalancing of the energetic bodies, meridians and chakras.
  • Cleansing, unblocking and reactivation of the vagus nerve.
  • Strengthening of the personal grounding.
  • Prayers and blessings of protection.


From the moment you have paid for the healing, you will be able to make/receive it during 24 hours.


When you register, you will download a Pdf document containing all the additional information about the treatment, sort of a user guide.





To receive this energetic healing treatment in the best possible conditions, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and lie down alone in a quiet space for the duration of the treatment.


The InstantHealing© to cut toxic ties

lasts 55 minutes and allows you to cut

to cut up to 3 toxic ties.






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As Instant Healings© are available immediately and without limits, it is highly recommended to be wise and moderate and not to practice more than one energy treatment per week. After any energy treatment, the body needs time to integrate, assimilate and rest. Receiving too many energy treatments can be counterproductive. As with everything, it is important to keep a sense of harmony and balance.