The instant energy healing for Grounding, Alignment and Protection can help you when you are going through a difficult period in your life (big changes, grief, loss, separation, moving), before taking an exam, before going on stage / speaking in public, if you need to find calm and inner peace, it allows you to come back to yourself, to reconnect to the energy of Love (for yourself and for others), to refocus, to concentrate, to reconnect to your personal inner power, to align yourself with your life path. It can be of great support during solar flares, when energies are intense, in times of fatigue, depression and also in case of any kind of illness (however, please note that it does not replace medical treatment, nor is it intended to do so, but it can be an additional help and support during a healing process).




This energetic treatment is designed so that you are placed in an individual and unique bubble of Love, Light and Divine Energy, in order to receive the treatment in all energetic safety without being disturbed or destabilized by other surrounding energies.


- Energetic clearing of the physical body.

- Simple clearing of the energetic bodies.

- Release of tensions, stress, anxieties, panics, phobias, unfounded fears, obsessions,

 physical & emotional fatigue, and "stagnant/non-constructive or toxic" thoughts.

- Release of tensions and heavy, dense and stagnant energies.

- Deep relaxation of the physical and emotional bodies.

- Strengthening of self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem.

- Reactivation and strengthening of (general) confidence and inner peace.

- Reactivation and reinforcement of natural letting go.

- Reactivation and reinforcement of personal power.

- Realignment and reconnection to the Self.

- Rebalancing of the energy bodies, meridians and chakras.

- Clearing, unblocking and reactivation of the vagus nerve.

- Strengthening of the grounding.

- Prayers and blessings and protection.



From the moment you have paid for the Instant Healing©, you will be able to do/receive it during 24 hours.


When you register, you will download a Pdf document containing all the additional information about the treatment, sort of a user guide.




To receive this energetic healing treatment in the best possible conditions, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and lie down alone in a quiet space for the duration of the treatment.


The Instant Healing© For Grounding

Alignment & Protection lasts 55 minutes.





Please note :


Payment by credit card momentarily unavailable




If you have not received a confirmation of registration and payment within 10 minutes after

your registration, please check your spam. Otherwise send me a MESSAGE.




*Instant treatments are not

refundable or exchangeable




**There is no feedback for the Instant Healings













As Instant Healings© are available immediately and without limits, it is highly recommended to be wise and moderate and not to practice more than one energy treatment per week. After any energy treatment, the body needs time to integrate, assimilate and rest. Receiving too many energy treatments can be counterproductive. As with everything, it is important to keep a sense of harmony and balance.