Like your body and emotions, your home may need an energetic cleansing from time to time. In order to do it, you can fumigate each room with white sage or Palo Santo, putting in purifying and releasing intentions or prayers as you feel the need. Once you have done this, remember to open the windows wide, for at least 10 minutes, to renew the energy of your "Universe".


You can also put unrefined coarse sea salt in the four corners of your house, apartment, office or store on the eve of the new moon, putting intentions or prayers of purification and release. You will leave this salt for 3 days, and then flush it down the toilet the night after the new moon. Once you have thrown away the salt, fumigate all the rooms of the house, apartment, office or store with White Sage or Palo Santo, then open the windows wide, for at least 10 minutes to renew the energy of the place.


Sometimes it may be necessary to do a deeper cleaning by calling in a professional. For example, when you move into a new home/office/business, or after a divorce, a grief, conflicts, a trial, a difficult period, renovation work, or also if you cannot sell a property, if there are blockages linked to this place, if certain problems accumulate there, or if the energies are dense, disturbing or suffocating. Having a specialist perform a deep clearing of the place allows you to purify the place on all levels and to free it from memories, imprints, torsions, "presences", dysfunctions and energetic & electromagnetic disturbances, and to restart on good, pure and healthy foundations, to live/work in peace and harmony of this place, and to be able to blossom and feel good there. 


~ Description of the Work of Cleaning Places:


Clearing, Purification, Release, Healing, Regeneration, Rebalancing, Harmonization

and Divine Protection of the Place.


- Energetic clearing of each room (as well as foundations, basement, attic, roof, chimneys).
- Energetic clearing of the exterior of the facade, floors and grounds.
- Energetic clearing of the memories of the place.
- Energetic clearing and Release of "presences".
- Clearing and release of influences and prints.
- Clearing and release of traumas of the place.

- Cutting of the negative/toxic ties, cords and contracts associated with this place.
- Clearing and rebalancing of telluric waves and systems.
- Cleansing, balancing and protection from electric networks and electromagnetic fields.
- Complete rebalancing of the place (Interior + Exterior + Foundations).
- Re-harmonization of the place and its energies.
- Re-harmonization of the place in synergy with its residents or people who work there.
- Alignment & Grounding of the place.
- Protection Devices.
- Protection prayers & blessings.


The Cleanings are done only at distance.


After an exchange of emails to set up an appointment and the sending of plans and photos of the place, we will have a telephone interview to discuss your expectations and the "problems" to be cleared/release/harmonized.

Following this meeting, the space clearing will begin. It can last between 3 to 7 days, depending on the case, at the end of which you will receive an email with the feedback of the energetic clearing of your place. 


Clearing Rates :


~ 222 €
Studio flat and two-room apartment up to 50 m² (with or without terrace/garden)
Premises, Office, Cabinet or Shop to 50 m²
~ 444 €
Apartment from 50 m² to 200 m² (with or without terrace or garden)
Premises, Office, Cabinet or Store between 50 m² and 200 m² (with or without terrace or garden)
~ 777€
House with garden of less than 2000 m² (with or without terrace or garden)
Premises, Office, Cabinet, Shop or Building from 200 m² to 500 m²
~ 1111€
Property, Land between 2000 m² and 2 Hectares
Building, Office, Premises, Store of more than 500 m².
~ 2222€
Castle, Property, Hotel, Private Residence, School, Real Estate Complex, Camping, etc.
Land of 2 Hectares and more.




To make an appointment,

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The energetic clearings proposed on this page are dedicated to well-being and are not intended to replace professional medical advice, professional medical diagnosis or professional medical treatment, as well as renovation and purification work. They are just a complementary tool. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this or any other website. Always seek professional medical advice first. Also never disregard professional advice from a contractor or architect, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this or any other website.