♡ Welcome to my English website. My name is Coralie Gallant, I am a French energy healer based in France. Thanks to my quantum healings provided at distance, I can perform them anywhere in the world and have the joy of connecting with you wherever you are.


The Instant Energetic Healings were created to allow you to let go, realign and free yourself from any dense energies or negative holds, while remaining in the quiet of your home.


At the beginning of each month, I perform a Collective Energy Healing, which releases dense energies, promotes alignment, strengthens your grounding and facilitates letting go, while developing Love and Self-Respect and preparing for the energies of the month ahead.


I also practice Spaces Energy Clearing that Liberates, Heals, Regenerates, Re-Harmonizes and Protects your Living Space, Office, Cabinet, Building or Property, in order to find peace, serenity, alignment and anchoring and to live in pure, fluid, soft, luminous and balanced energies.