The Total Clearing Instant Healing© is an energetic treatment designed to support the physical body during difficult times. Please note that this treatment does not claim to heal nor does it replace any medical treatment. It is designed to be an additional support in any healing process. Just as one would do a massage or a relaxation session.


The Total Clearing Instant Healing© can provide support for any health problem, physical pain, burns, allergies, physical disorders or dysfunctions, addictions, weight problems, etc. It can be a helping hand in the healing process, too.


It can also be an additional help during periods of heavy treatment, withdrawal (smoking, alcoholism or other), detox and slimming diets. It is also the ideal treatment to reconnect with your body and to fully inhabit it.


At each change of season, especially in Spring and Autumn, before or during the full moon, it helps to better live the terrestrial, solar & lunar energies. It can also, in the long term, release the causes that upset your body and your emotions during solar flares and Schumann resonance peaks. And finally, the day after a night out, it makes it easier to free yourself from the "hangover". (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health).





This energetic healing is designed so that each participant is placed in a individual bubble of Love, Light and Unique Divine Energy, so that you can receive the treatment in all safety without being distracted or disturb by the energies of other participants.


Treatment Description :


- Energetic clearing of the physical body at different levels.

- Clearing of the energetic bodies at different levels.

- Release of tensions and heavy, dense and stagnant energies.

- Clearing of parasites, prints and energetic implants.

- Release of anxieties, panics, phobias, fears, obsessions and negative thought forms about health and disease.

- Cutting of the so-called "toxic" ties with what may have caused disturbances, dysfunctions, blockages and/or diseases.

- Release of fears, traumas, emotional wounds, negative memories & transgenerational imprints that may have caused dysfunctions, blockages and/or diseases.

- Cutting of the so-called "toxic" ties with events, words, thoughts, or people, which prevent a return to balance and harmony.

- Release of fears, traumas, emotional wounds, negative memories & transgenerational imprints that prevent a return to balance and harmony.

- Deep relaxation of the Physical, Emotional and Energetic Bodies.

- Clearing, unblocking and reactivation of the Vagus Nerve.

- Energetic rebalancing of the physical body.

- Rebalancing of the energetic bodies, meridians and chakras.

- Reconnection to Oneself.

- Reconnection to the Physical Body.

- Reconnection to One's Soul.

- Reactivation of the Inner strength & power.

- Reactivation and reinforcement of grounding.

- Prayers of blessings and protection.



From the moment you have paid for the Instant Healing©, you will be able to do/receive it during 24 hours.


When you register, you will be able to download a Pdf document containing all the additional information about the treatment, sort of  a user guide.






To receive this energetic healing treatment in the best possible conditions, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and lie down alone in a quiet space for the duration of the treatment.






Please note :


Payment by credit card momentarily unavailable




If you have not received a confirmation of registration and payment within 10 minutes after

your registration, please check your spam. Otherwise send me a MESSAGE.




*Instant treatments are not

refundable or exchangeable.




**There is no feedback for the Instant Healings.







As Instant Healings© are available immediately and without limits, it is highly recommended to be wise and moderate and not to practice more than one energy treatment per week. After any energy treatment, the body needs time to integrate, assimilate and rest. Receiving too many energy treatments can be counterproductive. As with everything, it is important to keep a sense of harmony and balance.